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how I was able to scale up N11,000 to a 500k Naira business per month importing $1 products from china to sell in Nigeria.

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what is mini importation?

Mini Importation simply means the act of buying quality products from overseas at cheap prices and selling them in Nigeria or your country at higher profit margins.


It’s not necessarily all about buying products from China and Shipping them to Nigeria. A lot of people have made you to understand that to make money with Mini Importation Business, you’ll need to import only from China.


Yes, China sells the cheapest set of products but that does not categorically mean you can’t buy from other countries.


For example, the wrist watch below was bought at N4000 from the United States, and I sold them in Nigeria for N27,000 each while people are selling it for N50,000 or more.

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This page is just to introduce you to what mini importation business is all about, all you can do now is click on the button bellow to register for a full free training.

frequently asked questions

Is Mini importation business profitable?

Mini Importation Business is one of the most successful business we’ve ever discovered in Nigeria.


Most importantly, the fact that it’s a business one can operate with any startup capital without emptying their pockets to start.


Additionally, it’s a business that can be operated even though you’re employed, self-employed, unemployed or even in school

how much money can i make doing mini importation business in nigeria?

You can earn as high as N100,000 to even 20 million Naira per month doing mini importation. It’s all about a mindset, amount of money invested and amount of work you put in. So, let’s just say you’re to invest 20k into this business let’s see how much you do be making selling $1 products.


So, let’s say you want to import 20 pieces of this repellent mosquito killer which is less than N1000 but sold in Nigeria for N10,000. 15 Chinese Yuan to Nigeria Naira is approximately N900 per pieces. So, let’s import 10 pieces.

10 X N900 = N9000 ~ Cost price

If you’re using procurement agent which you can buy alone without.

9000/100×5%=N450 procurement agents charges 5% of the total cost.

Weigh is 0.5kg per pieces and that means;

0.5 x 10 = 5kg.


5k x $6 = $30 shipping from China to Nigeria.

N400 x 5 = N2000 custom fee.


So, Spending N500 on Facebook ads should be able to sell one product.

N500 x 10 = N5000 which you shouldn’t spend up to that from my experience.

So let’s sum it up.

5000 + 2000 + 9000 + 450 = N16,450.


So, this means 16450/10 = N1650 per piece as the final cost price.


So, let’s sell it for N7500 although it’s sold on Jumia at N10,000 but to get customers faster who can afford it.

7500 x 10 = N75,000

N75,000 – N16,450 = N58,500 ROI. 

So, your N16000 investment has helped you to make more than 300% ROI.

How do I start a mini importation business?

To start doing a mini importation business successfully, you need determination, startup capital, a smartphone and laptop with internet access and your business will be up and running.

What is mini importation business all about?

Mini Importation is all about the act of buying products overseas to sell in your own country. 


It is called mini because, you don’t need large amount of money to start nor does it require paper works.

How do I start a mini importation with zero capital?

Anyone can start importation business with a zero capital when they make their decision to do so.


First of, find someone around you that need products in a good quantity, collect their money then use it to order the products from China, USA, Turkey or Malaysia and get them delivered to your customer.

How can I buy goods from China to Nigeria?

Want to know how to buy goods from China and ship them to Nigeria? It’s the best decision you should ever make as an entrepreneur.


You’ll need a procurement agent who speaks and understand Chinese and have business or banking information in China that can be used to make payment to suppliers on your behalf.


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this and the free training will give you all the contacts you need to start buying from China.

This page is just to introduce you to what mini importation business is all about, all you can do now is click on the button bellow to register for a free training.


Mini Importation Business has been tested, proven and lucrative business to startup with a little to no capital.

If you decided to start the business today, you’d be doing yourself a good favour and using the above hot selling products to sell online in Nigeria, you’re sure to start your 6 figure business in 2021.

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